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We look forward to meeting all your dental needs and cosmetic goals. All general dental services are available. The office works closely with some of the best specialists anywhere and a dental lab that fabricates highest quality ceramic restorations in the building.

Exams and X-rays


We offer full comprehensive exams, emergency exams and treatment as well as limited problem exams or consultations


Digital xrays or radiographs are used in this office for diagnosis and treatment.

Dental Cleanings


We provide regular dental cleanings as well as deep cleanings such as scaling and root planing and maintenance for gum disease



Bleaching Services


In office bleaching and whitening services can be arranged as well as take home bleaching systems and products. Talk to us about your goals and we can outline which system will help you reach your desired tooth shade the fastest.

Fillings for Cavities


We recommend the most conservitive treatment when decay is present. If we can arrest decay without drilling on the tooth that is always the preferred treatment. When decay has progressed too much we clean the tooth and can restore with a variety of tooth colored and longlasting materials. We make sure you have a choice in the way you want the tooth fixed.

Crown and Bridge


Sometimes a tooth breaks and the best way to protect the remaining tooth is a crown or replacement with bridge or dental implant. We always recommend the material that will be the longest lasting and most esthetic for the given case but you are also always informed of the choices and you have the final word.

Root Canals


Dr. Olson has completed additional training in providing root canal treatment and is pleased to be able to offer pain free root canal treatment so that you may maintain your natural tooth.

Night Guards


We are able to create a variety of types and designs of night guards including those designed to protect teeth from grinding, relieve and treat "TMJ" or tempromandibular disorders of the joint and muscles. We also can create high quality protective athletic guards to protect teeth from trauma. 

Dental Fear


The office is well trained in helping those patients with dental fear. We understand that many patients have had unfavorable dental experiences in the past. The whole team works together to make sure your treatment is successful pain free and comfortable. We offer sedation service to treat patients with anxiety so that memory of treatment is not retained as well as nitrous oxide gas.





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